You may use System.Math class for most scenarios you will use mathematics. The class Arithmetic is the supplementary.

In Trivial.Maths namespace of Trivial.dll library.


You can test if a number is a prime and get further prime number by following way.

// Test whether a specific integer is a prime number.
var isPrime1 = Arithmetic.IsPrime(256); // false
var isPrime2 = Arithmetic.IsPrime(257); // true
var isPrime3 = await Arithmetic.IsPrimeAsync(2305843009213693951); // true

// Get the prime number after the given number.
var nextPrime = await Arithmetic.PreviousPrimeAsync(524287); // 524341

// Get the prime number before the given number.
var prevPrime = await Arithmetic.NextPrimeAsync(524287); // 524269


And you can also calculate the factorial for a specific integer.

var a = Arithmetic.Factorial(20); // 2432902008176640000
var b = Arithmetic.FactorialApproximate(100); // 9.33262154439442e+157


The greatest common divisor and the least common multiple.

var c = Arithmetic.Gcd(192, 128); // 64
var d = Arithmetic.Lcm(192, 128); // 384