Chinese Pinyin

The Pinyin marks and formatter.

In Trivial.Text namespace of Trivial.dll library.

Finals and initials

The enums for finals and initials of Pinyin.

And you can convert one of them to a string.

var o = PinyinMarks.ToString(PinyinInitials.Zh);  // -> zh
o = PinyinMarks.ToString(PinyinFinals.Ang);  // -> ang
o = PinyinMarks.ToString(PinyinFinals.Ang, 1);  // -> āng


You can format a word or a sentence with Pinyin intials, finals and tones like following sample.

var s = "Wo3men2 dou1zai4 yi1Qi3 wan2r, ni3ne?";
var output = PinyinMarks.Format(s);
// -> Wǒmén dōuzài yīqǐ wánr, nǐne?

s = "Wo3men2 doU1zai去 yīQǐ ㄨㄢˊ儿, ni上ne轻?";
output = PinyinMarks.Format(s); // Same as above output.